Now hiring: Staff Clinicians (Licensed Mental Health Counselors)


Job Description

Hereba Mental Health Counseling is currently seeking to hire a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) to help support a growing case load within a cozy private practice setting in addition to an ever changing virtual one . We're looking for clinicians who have both training and experience to help support our diverse clientele.

This is a group practice that is committed to working with clients through the holistic model of wellness and holds the belief that our whole self is formed from our experiences, environments and overall health. We are person-centered trained therapists who believe the clients know themselves best and we strive to meet people where they are at within their own journey. We also believe that in helping to provide tangible solutions for clients in order for them to experience a better quality of life with things such as exploring coping skills, trying new interventions or providing education to our clients as a way to empower clients in their everyday lives.

A potential candidate would be fully licensed as an LMHC in the State of NY with a minimum of 2 year's experience preferred. Unfortunately, due to Licensing laws we are only able to hire LMHC's at this time (so LCSW and LMFT's cannot apply).

The candidate would be able to work independently both within an office and virtual setting. We are currently fully virtual due to COVID-19, but are hopeful in time to be able to integrate a practice that allows clinicians to spend their week both in-person and virtually.

A potential candidate would have experience with handling a client caseload and the various administrative tasks associated with: scheduling, keeping appropriate records, creating treatment plans, safety plans and utilizing other assessments, and collaborating with other providers as needed per case. There must be experience and proficiency with computers, internet, EMR software and Telemedicine.

We are looking for individuals that are responsible, self-motivated, detail oriented, open-minded, flexible and wellness focused. This position is available on a per diem basis, so scheduling can be flexible however, the practice is seeking a clinician that can offer full-time hours. Part-time positions will be considered with a minimum caseload of 8-10 clients per week. 

For our full-time employees, we offer benefits such as medical, dental and vision insurance. We also offer supplemental insurances such as disability insurance and life insurance. After a brief waiting period, employees will also benefit from paid holidays and accrued paid time off (PTO) and can open an 401K plan after a year of employment. Part-time employees can also benefits from accrued paid time off (PTO) and pro-rated paid holidays. 

It is our goal to provide a healthy work environment along with personal and professional support. You can't pour from an empty cup!

COVID-19 considerations:
At the present time we are conducting all of our sessions virtually through a HIPPA compliant Telehealth platform. We do have an office space that has been designed to be safe (plastic shield, PPE's, cleaning) that can be used as needed.

How to Apply:

Please send an email with attached Letter of Interest and Resume to our Clinic Director at: