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Hereba Mental Health Counseling, LMHC, PC.



124 Northern Lights Drive, Suite 30

North Syracuse, NY 13212

Phone: (315) 996-1980

Fax: (315) 996-1984

Clinical Staff:

      Leslie Shaffer Hereba, LMHC Ext. 502 

    Maggie McCurdy, LMHC  Ext. 503

Michaela Smith, MHC-LP  Ext. 510

Natasha Cunningham, MHC-LP Ext. 512

Emily Covello, MHC-LP Ext. 508


Graduate Intern

Kerry Simizon, Ext. 511

Katherine Kowal, Ext. 513

Office Administrator:

       Lisa Williams, Ext. 500   

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