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Group Therapy Offerings

We're excited to begin offering both virtual and in-person group therapy opportunities! This page helps support information about our groups in addition to reaching out for next steps. Please check this page or our social media for new offerings!

New Ways to Approach Anxiety (in the New Year!)

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Thursday's, January 11th - February 7th
6:00-7:15 pm
Held virtually via Zoom
$35.00 per session (4 weeks total)

This group will consist of exploring common situations in which group members experience anxiety, how they currently navigate it, and ways in which they can improve. We will cover cognitive distortions, breathing exercises, grounding techniques, as well as mindfulness and acceptance practices. We recognize that much of anxiety’s pain revolves around feelings of being the only one that goes through it, or that you’re “overreacting,” the group setting will allow participants to hear others’ experiences and recognize similarities. These tools will help participants break out of the anxiety cycle and remain present in their daily lives

Group members will explore effective communication, including building skills around boundary setting and radical acceptance, with the goal of reducing anxiety around communication and improving relationships.

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Group Clinical Supervision (peer support for licensed practitioners)
Open enrollment for a bi-weekly group supervision 
$50.00 per group

Please join us for a bi-weekly group clinical supervision! My intention is to run a group with peer clinicians outside of my practice that creates a space that is able to hold connection, support and community in sometimes an isolating profession. I have been running clinical supervision groups both virtually and in person for the last three years, and feel I have found a niche in offering clinicians a space to grow and revitalize. I am looking to take this model and bring it into the community of clinicians outside of my practice. If you are curious about me, please see the feedback I received from other clinicians I have supervised in the clinician testimonials below. Otherwise, Join Us!

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Clinician Testimonials:

"As a supervisor, Leslie adeptly balances holding space for, as well as challenging, the clinician.  Having Leslie as my supervisor has helped me expand my perspective as a clinician and feel empowered to challenge myself and my clients.  Leslie's use of humor and wit, as well as her wealth of knowledge on a variety of topics and comforting presence, has made her the best supervisor I've had in my ten years in the field."  

" Leslie encourages collaboration in group supervision in a way that encourages growth and learning for everyone involved. Leslie stands out because she has the winning combination of strength, empathy, and a great sense of humor."

Past Groups


Setting Effective Boundaries with Family, Friends & Intimate Partners

Group members will explore effective communication, including building skills around setting boundaries and explore various ways to engage in healthy communication.  

  • This will be a combination of process-based and education-based activities

  • Group members will have the ability to get objective feedback from one another.

  • Group members will be able to practice healthy boundaries: Bridging the gap between healthy confrontation & placating. 

  • Group members will have the ability to practice skills in session and identifying patterns.

Utilizing the Wellness Wheel to
Build Coping Strategies

Participant's Review:

"The Coping Skills group was great! Leslie and Emily were extremely knowledgeable and I genuinely looked forward to the group each week. They made everyone feel comfortable sharing and also shared great tips and insight."

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